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Compost Tea for Anyone

compost tea

So what exactly is compost tea? Well as the name suggests it is made by soaking or brewing compost in water and then straining off the liquid – the tea! The water gets infused with the nutrients and beneficial bacteria form the garden compost and this resulting compost tea is a perfect liquid fertilizer and […]

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Worm Composting | Vermiculture

worm composting image

Worm composting is also referred to by its more technical term – Vermiculture but both describe the same process of turning household food waste into an organic compost using composting worms. It is not a new system of home composting, but it is enjoying a massive rise in popularity. With the growing green movement, people […]

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Picking The Best Compost Tumbler

best compost tumbler

Although those with limited outdoor space have taken a lot of interest in articles like most people still want to make compost out of doors in larger quantities. And if we want results fast then it is the humble compost tumbler that is about the best possible way to make compost. There are a […]

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