Compost Tumbler – A Thoroughly Modern Compost Bin

A Compost Tumbler can make home composting so easy. Take the work out of making compost and have some fun – the kids will love a compost tumbler.

Why Buy a Compost Tumbler

Most of the compost tumblers for sale today are well designed to take some of the work out of making your own compost. The old methods of making compost often involved turning the pile on a regular basis – heavy dirty work. Now you can buy a compost tumbler that is clean to use and takes the back work away!

Compost tumblers have many advantages:

  • Clean enclosed system – no vermin or pests to worry about and no bad smells.
  • Great for smaller gardens with no room for large compost bins or compost piles.
  • Tidy and portable – many models have wheels to move them around.
  • Great for seniors – light work using a tumbler.
  • Produce compost quickly – due to efficient aeration in the tumbling process.

home composting

They are a great alternative to standard compost bins and even worm composting. As with most home composting methods the finished compost will depend on you getting conditions and ingredients just right. It is not difficult but definitely worth a little research before you begin. Follow the compost tumbler instructions to ensure you are using it as recommended. Reading a few reliable compost tumbler reviews before making that purchase can help to pick the right model for your needs.

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