Composting In The Home

When it comes to home composting we have a number of different techniques that we can use if we want to make compost indoors. The Bokashi method is very popular and we will see why in just a moment.

So, what are our options if we want to make compost indoors?

We have two choices. Basically we can use the worm farm composting system or we can use the Bokashi method. Worm composting may sound a bit horrible but it is actually a very clean process – also known as vermiculture. We buy a special tiered system and then introduce worms. They munch through the organic matter that we add and the end result is very high quality compost.

There is no smell and no mess so this is perfect for a lot of people. We will also find that the worms only reproduce depending on the available amount of food. So the system never gets too full of worms we keep a steady number by adding in the right amount of waste matter. The other system is the Bokashi system.

All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit with Bokashi - White (Formerly Sold As Happy Farmer Composter Kit)Home Composter

With this we get a special bin that also has a tap on it to produce rich compost tea. We are also adding in our kitchen waste as we get it. Then we put in a layer of the Bokashi mixture. This acts as a form of pickling. In just a few weeks we can then dig the end product in to the soil and it will make a vast difference to it.

For many the Bokashi is the preferred choice but the reality is that worm composting is going to produce much better results and it allows us to make more compost as well. It is a great way to introduce children to nature and to give them an exciting project to become involved in as well.

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