Enclosing a Covered Patio – Tips

Did you know that enclosing a covered patio will increase the value of your home? Several homes that have adapted this huge home improvement have been able to receive a Return on Investment of up to 70% throughout the whole country. To add to this number, the homes that have harsher weather conditions have a bigger ROI. This study has been conducted by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Enclosing a Covered Patio to Make the Most of Your Home

Aside from beautifying your home, you are actually adding more value to your property. Many homeowners know that by having an enclosed patio in their home, they can make the most of their home and get to enjoy nature indoors. With the use of a glass enclosure, you have the power to turn this outdoor space into an actual part of your home. If you still want to feel the warm weather outside your home, you can easily opt for screen windows or a sliding glass door.

enclosed patio area

To complete the whole look of this new room in your house, you can add in the typical garden decorations. By doing so, you can let this enclosed space in your home still feel like a garden. Of course, this is minus the annoying mosquitoes that feast on your leg at night. Some of the best garden decors that you can use include rattan, wrought iron or wicker furniture. This will let your patio have a casual and outdoor appeal. For a more private feel, you can use pleated shades or vertical blinds. Aside from making a relaxing atmosphere, this option can also help with temperature control.Enclosing a Covered Patio

You can easily enjoy your enclosed patio anytime of the year. However, you have to remember that this part of your house has not been designed for heat. So during winter, you have to avoid this room. If you would like to still use this room during that time, you can use insulated glass instead of a regular window glass material.

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