A Guide for Finding Discount Garden Supplies

Gardening is a hobby that many people enjoy and find rewarding.  For someone who’s starting or expanding, costs may run high, and so, it pays to be frugal.  One just needs to look in the right places and have the right timing to get good garden supply deals.
Finding discount garden supplies such as planters, gardening tools and materials for garden fencing during the peak growing season can be difficult if not impossible. During these times, demand is high and can quickly put a serious dent in your wallet.  Garden supply vendors have little reason to lower prices because goods are moving fast and some vendors may even increase  prices to take advantage of the buying “frenzy.”
So, when is the optimum time to get discount garden supplies?
Post growing season is the best time to get cheap garden supplies.  This is the time that retailers are just about ready to bring in fresh merchandise for the new season and in order to make room, they often slash prices on goods to entice customers.
Where can I get discount garden supplies?
Traditionally, hardware stores, nurseries, retail home and garden shops are places where you can get cheap garden supplies during the off season.  Online stores are another good source of good value items since they are known to also cut down on prices after the growing season to avoid build up of inventory.
Is it possible for me to get discounted items during the growing season?
If you must shop during the peak gardening months, nurseries sometimes  sell gardening supplies at a discount even during the planting seasons.  They are known to do this on occasions when they have already ordered large quantities of supplies, but the intended buyer/s  have backed out. They also do this for plants that are grown in large quantities for wholesale retailers.   Word of mouth is also another great resource. Visit your local community garden or ask neighborhood gardening enthusiasts if they know of local nurseries for the best gardening supply deals.

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