Floodlights – 120 Volt – For Home and Garden Use

I have selected a range of 120v floodlights for you to browse. My recommendations are based on lights that I have used and found good enough for the job. This selection includes only mains voltage outdoor floodlights to see alternatives you can check out my other selections of:

LED Floodlights, Solar Floodlights and Low Voltage Floodlights.

Hopefully this will save you from an endless search online.

My Top Pick for Floodlights

This outside floodlight from Lights of America may not look very pretty but it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have two of these lighting fixtures at the back and side of my own home and they have worked perfectly with no problems for about two years now – and the original lamps are the same! The light spread is good especially if you can fit the light unit up high. Good value for money and a little bit eco-friendly into the bargain – it uses energy saving lamps.

Lights of America 9266 Outdoor Fixture

65W fluorescent floodlight, 500W incandescent equivalent. Average life 10,000 hours, 4550 lumens. 4.25″ H. x 3.5″ D., 120V. Replacement bulb model No. 9166B. Brown. CSA approved, UL listed, EnergyStar rated.


Cooper MS100 Floodlight

Another garden floodlight I have used recently. It certainly looks a little nicer than the first one – more modern at least! This one is not as powerful with a maximum of 100w and it uses an old standard halogen lamp so not as energy efficient. The Cooper MS100 includes a motion sensor and so technically could be included as a security light. It even comes with a plug on an 8ft cord so is easy to fit – you can easily extend the cord if needed. Decent quality floodlight at a decent price however not the strongest light out there if you need to light a large area.

Cooper Lighting MS100PG 110 Degree 100W Portable Plug-in Motion Security Floodlight, Gray

100W, Plug In Motion Activated Floodlight, 8′ Grounded Electrical Cord, Gray Die Cast Metal Fixture With Plastic Handle, Detects Motion Up To 180°ree. & Up To 60′ Range, Adjustable Time & Sensitivity Settings For Indoor/Outdoor Use, Ideal For Outbuildings Or Sheds, Includes Bulb, Replacement…


Cooper QL-500 Halogen Floodlight

If you are looking for a good cheap outdoor floodlight -this may be the one for you. Standard type 500w halogen floodlight. Use it placed high above your patio or backyard to light a fairly large area. There are a couple of different models like this from Cooper but this is the best – the housing is bigger and so the lamp will not heat up so much, meaning the lamps last longer. Hard to beat at under $20.

Cooper Lighting QL-500-WL 500W Industrial Grade Halogen Floodlight

500W industrial grade directional floodlight. Die cast housing with thermal tempered glass hinged door for easy access to lamp. Bronze finish. Instant On Off; pure white light. Can be used on dimmer.

Hubbell High Pressure Sodium Floodlight

I wanted to include this light as i have installed it in the past to great effect. This HPS floodlight is fairly specialist – not really for use as a standard flood. Ideal for facade lighting – placed in the garden to light up the front of the property. Also for up-lighting through a large tree. It is quite expensive but you will see the difference when used properly. Really good quality and built to last, though not really cost effective for basic lighting use – use for special projects to create a stunning effect.


Hubbell Outdoor Lighting MIC-0150S-651 150-Watt High Pressure Sodium Floodlight

150 watt 120 volt High Pressure Sodium Bronze Microliter Floodlight Hubbell Light Fixture (Lamp Included)


This small selection of outdoor floodlights will cover most peoples needs in and around the garden. The secret to using garden lights well is to be a little creative and try to do things a little differently. Read my post on Landscape Lighting Ideas for some creative ideas on using light in the garden.


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