Flowering Bonsai Trees: Some Popular Varieties

Many people think that the bonsai tree is a particular species, but in fact many varieties of tree can be grown using the bonsai method. Flowering trees can be very pretty when grown in the miniature bonsai style, especially if their flowers are also small, to fit in with the miniature scale of the bonsai tree, and some varieties of flowering tree have become very popular with bonsai gardening enthusiasts.

One of the most well known flowering bonsai trees for sale is the ‘Tree of a Thousand Stars’, also known as the Serissa foetida or Serissa japonica. This beautiful tree is named after its many tiny white flowers. However, there are several other Serissa varieties that are also very pretty, including the Mount Fuji Serissa, which also has star shaped white flowers and is considered to be easier to care for. There is also the Pink Serissa, which as its name suggests, has pink, rose shaped flowers. A Serissa bonsai tree needs to be kept moist and at a consistent and warm temperature.

The Chinese privet has scented flowers that attract butterflies and bees. It is a semi evergreen tree that can thrive in a sunny position either indoors or outdoors, with plenty of watering.

For cold or shady positions, the Satsuki Azalea is a popular choice. These produce beautiful ornamental blossoms in spring that may be pink, red, white or mauve in color.

Another outdoor flowering bonsai is the Japanese holly, which has dark green glossy leaves and white four lobed flowers.

The Japanese flowering cherry is a deciduous tree that grows outdoors and will appeal to anyone who like Japanese culture. It produces its famous pink and white cherry blossoms in the spring time.

These flowering bonsai trees may require some of your attention, however, whichever variety you choose, your care and efforts will give you a beautiful bonsai tree.

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