A Garden Center – A Retail Outlet That Sells Garden Related Products

A Garden Center is a retail store that offers a wide range of plants, fertilizers, tools and also landscaping products like garden curios, furniture, statues etc. In addition, a few centers sell interior home products and pets like rabbits, fish, mice etc. The centers are now becoming very popular as they also consist of leisure spots like restaurants, play centers and several other activities that provide an exciting shopping experience to the customers. In the recent past, a few chains of large Garden Centers has been established in the United States and United Kingdom.

Popular Garden Design Idea centers:

Garden Center Group – This was initially known as Wyevale Centre which comprises of 121 centers based in the UK. The group basically includes major firms Heighley, Old Barn, Sanders, Wyevale, Bridgemere, and Jacks Patch along with small units like Syon Park. It provides an array of plants, climbers, vegetables, shrubs, stones, soil, seeds, garden machinery, and electrical products suitable for use in a garden area. In addition books and gardening advice to maintain a nursery during different seasons is also provided to customers.

GCA – This is a non-profitable organization that includes independent garden units located in the whole of North America. The organization through its website enables customers to obtain new and other improved categories of plants.

Walmart center – This centre provides an array of garden supplies at affordable rates. In addition seasonal fruits and vegetable plants, herbs, climbers are also sold at very low rates.

Dobbies center– This is another leading center set up in 1865 by James Dobbies.  Now the unit operates around 26 centers that are located in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. The center has a base of more than 10 million customers who are given the necessary tools and guidance to grow fruits and vegetables from home.

It can thus be regarded that Garden Center is an ideal place to shop for various gardening plants and equipments. It is however essential to purchase good quality products from a reputable center at reasonable rate.

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