Garden Compost Bins

If you have a garden then you have plant waste to dispose of. If you have a pay-by-weight system of trash collection you will not want to fill your bin with grass cuttings and garden waste.

There is no need to. Those cuttings and all the rest of your garden waste can all be turned into useful compost. The compost will improve the quality of your soil and provide plant nutrients at the same time.

You can make compost bins for free. All you have to do is to nail a few pallets together. For the front section you can saw a pallet in half length-ways, so you can step over it easily.

There is work involved if you want your compost in months rather than years. The bacteria that break down your garden and kitchen waste need oxygen. The oxygen in the air will only reach the bacteria in the top two inches, so you will need to turn your compost with a garden fork every six to eight weeks.

The easiest way to turn your compost is to have two garden compost bins side by side and toss the compost out of the first bin into the second. This will turn your compost heap upside down and give you a bit of exercise. A cubic yard of compost weighs about one ton, so you will work up a sweat. You need to do this about four times before your compost is ready to use. Another great tecnique that is less labour intensive is worm composting, also known as vermiculture. This method uses special composting worms to produce a rich organic home made compost.

If you have a pop up greenhouse you can use your mature compost for your growing beds inside it. The compost will be high in nutrients as well as being water retentive because it is 100% humus. Next year you can prepare more growing beds with next year’s compost and erect your greenhouse over the new, fertile beds.

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