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Here you can buy and find out more about regular, wired 120 volt garden lights. Sorted into categories for easy searching – just click on the pictures to view.


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120 Volt Garden Lights are on the Decline

Mains voltage outdoor lighting was until recently the most common type of landscape lighting available. Today they are less popular for use around the home and the range available to buy is fairly limited. They are used more for outdoor commercial lighting applications but for home use they have been overtaken by solar lights and low voltage lighting systems. There are several reasons for their decline in popularity.

Standard 120 volt garden lights tend to be quite expensive compared to the other systems although they are usually very good quality and will last well. Safety is a major factor. Low voltage outside lights and solar lights are very safe and are suitable for DIY installation. With 12ov garden lighting it is always important to have the lights professionally fitted by a qualified electrician. Electricity is dangerous – especially when used outside and near water. Too many people have fatal accidents with electricity in the garden so never take any chances – hire a professional.

Other safety issues include the siting of electric cables around the garden. High voltage cables will usually need to be armored to avoid accidental cutting – this cable is expensive and needs to be well buried to a safe depth – approx 12 inches is normal. Of course there are some advantages to using mains lighting and in certain applications they are great.

When to Use 120v Landscape Lights

Over the years I have moved away from using mains lighting as the main type of lights in my landscape lighting designs. However I still believe they have a role to play and in certain circumstances I will install them.

For lights fitted on the outside walls of the house – such as porch lighting and outdoor spotlights. With these it is usually easy to run a cable through a hole in the wall and directly into the light unit – so no need for exterior electrical cables. The benefit from using them is mainly in the quality of units. Mains voltage landscape lights can be great quality and they are a very permanent solution. Once fitted these lights tend to give very few problems and unlike solar lighting they don’t depend on the weather.

Another good time to use them is for outdoor security lights. Today you can buy really good quality low voltage and solar security lighting but I always try to fit at least a couple of 120v security lights to the outside of the house. They are so much more permanent and dependable – I really can’t get my head around using solar security lights – what do they do in periods of bad weather?

For most of my landscape lighting plans I will incorporate at least a couple of permanently wired 120v lights – usually motion sensor floodlights for security purposes and perhaps a nice porch light if appropriate to the style of the property. You do not need to use mains garden lights these days – there are alternatives – however they can still be a good choice in certain situations.

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