Garden Urns – Get Creative

Even the most devoted gardener can find themselves becoming a little bored with their garden. Maybe they’ve run out of ideas for what to plant. Maybe they just can’t decide in which direction to expand their garden. It can happen to anybody, regardless of how passionate they are about their green thumb. One way to break the gardening block is to use garden urns.

The first way that a garden vase can help you expand your garden is that is functions as a sort of mini-garden. You can fill the vase with some soil and fertilizer and then add either seeds or a seedling. You don’t have to clear a large patch of earth. You don’t have to come up with multiple shrubs or plants. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding where to put the garden. You can put it anywhere.

The second reason that a blocked gardener should consider garden urns is that they can expand the crops you’re able to grow. For example, you might have a garden that is focused on herbs. Every year you need to turn the soil over. So you can’t really plant anything that takes years to grow – like, say, a dwarf apple tree. But the right-sized urn can house that tree perfectly.

Finally, a good garden urn is decorative in its own right. Whether it is made of terra cotta or wood or even colorful plastic, the urn has a quality and a character unique to itself. If you are interested in a particular type of garden – rustic, say, or Victorian – the right kind of vase can go a long way to creating the effect that you want.

Gardening is similar to art – it’s a creative enterprise. And like all artists, some gardeners can find their creativity stifled. However, you can find ways to break out of the rut. Simply play with some garden urns and vases and see what happens.

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