Grow Your Own Herbs With LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are a wonderful way to create your own herb garden indoors. With as little as one LED grow light you can be well on your way towards growing your own healthy, tasty herbs.

Whether you want to grow parsley or sage, rosemary or thyme, you can do so indoors now thanks to LED technology. You can purchase a ready made growing station or you can quite easily make your own. With as little as a small tray and an overhead LED grow light you can have fresh herbs in no time. Just imagine all of the possibilities. You can have fresh parsley to sprinkle on your baked potatoes that you grew yourself. Turkey dinner and stuffing with sage grown with your own two hands.

Your green thumb might become so accomplished that you will need to start a bigger herb garden on your patio. Pretty soon you will be tilling a plot of soil in the back yard. All of it will be because of that one single LED grow light inspired you to start growing.led grow light unit

With the right sun exposure, you could even branch out to strawberries. Grow them under your LED light until they become large enough and then transfer the tray to a sunny spot to let them ripen under the suns rays. Fresh strawberry shortcake could be yours to enjoy all summer. End your day with a strawberry daiquiri or two. Your friends will be so impressed when they ask you where you got such tasty strawberries and you can tell them that you grew them yourself.

The children can enjoy vanilla ice cream with sliced berries on top. If you enjoy rhubarb you can start baking strawberry rhubarb pies. The opportunities to show off all of the treasures you have grown with your LED grow lights are practically endless.

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