Growing Strawberries

Just imagine strolling in your garden and picking some red luscious strawberries that are still warm from exposure to the warm rays of the sun. This can only be replayed in the minds of most people as some form of far off dream. The fact is, it is possible to own a personal garden with luscious strawberries for your picking anytime that you fancy. In order to achieve this, there are some tips for growing strawberries that you will need to adopt. For starters, in order for strawberries to mature and consequently flower and bear fruit, they have to have six hours of exposure to the sun’s rays at the minimum. This is a very important factor when it comes to selecting a garden for the berries. Some people have attempted to plant the strawberry plant in some pots that have holes at the side. This has been observed to fail on several occasions as the pots tend to dry out at a very fast rate.

Strawberries do best when they have been planted in rich soil. Look for a sturdy shovel and ensure that you penetrate the soil up to a depth of six inches. Ensure that you turn the dirt over. Remove all twigs, rocks and sprinkle in some fertilizer preferably the low release type. This should be done according to instructions that are in the package. The next step requires you to spread out some manure that has completed the rotting process or compost per every 8 square feet of the strawberry patch. A strawberry patch that is approximately 12 feet by 12 feet would require 4 bags of manure or compost. The compost or manure should be evenly spread out and then mixed with the soil evenly.

The strawberry plant should be evenly spaced. In order to grow strawberries in the best possible conditions, experts recommend that the best spacing is 12 inches apart. This is because the strawberry plant grows into a bush that is approximately one foot from the mother stem. After completion of the above process, ensure that you water your garden well.

There is a liquid fertilizer that is used every month to ensure that the leaves or foliage grow in a healthy manner. This fertilizer is capable of seeping into the ground. Each individual strawberry is capable of producing up to 4 berries. There are strawberry plants that can have their berries ripening at once or ripening continuously throughout summer. Pick on one that will suit you best.

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