Ideas for the Garden Deck

A garden deck is a very good addition to the home and garden, because not only does it add an area for people to stay in and appreciate the beauty of the garden, but it also adds to the home’s value, especially if done right. Modifying the garden deck doesn’t need to stop at simply putting garden lights around it. There are many design ideas that can be used in order to add some much needed style to the deck.

If a deck is just about to be built, a very good starting base is picking the right kind of wood to use. Depending on the color and style of the house, this can vary greatly. For decks that are already built, and have stayed the same for a long time, a good repaint job can add new life to the otherwise dated look. However, most people can get this wrong, especially when the wrong color is chosen, making the deck look cheap and shoddy. So unless the wood used is already beautiful enough, repainting has to be done carefully in order to have the best appearance possible.

Adding new furniture to the deck can also add to the design, such as new chairs, tables, and the like. Matching the style of these to the style of the home can make the deck look even better. To add to this, garden planters can be placed around the perimeter or corners of the decks. This can add life and color to the deck, and bring the garden feel even closer.

If a deck owner wants to take this even further, an arbor or trellis can be built, depending on the distance of the deck from the house. If the deck is near a house’s wall, a trellis can be built in order to cut costs. But if it’s a bit further, and budget allows, an arbor can be built instead. Both can carry plants that can be hung, or vines that can be encouraged to grow, further adding to the nature feel of the deck.

These are just some of the design ideas that can be done to add to a garden deck. Experimenting works best, so go out and have fun!

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