For Indoor Gardeners LED Grow Lights Are Best

For indoor gardening, LED grow lights are the best choice. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, there is the matter of efficiency. They operate at an efficiency of 90% and higher. Conventional grow lights, on the other hand, operate at efficiencies of around 35%. It is not uncommon when switching from high-intensity discharge grow lights to realize savings of 40 to 75% in electricity.

Another reason for the superior efficiency of LED grow lights is that they do not waste energy producing heat and useless wavelengths of light. Plants use two parts of the spectrum. LED lights are designed to produce only those wavelengths that are used by plants. They use red-orange light to produce food for themselves through photosynthesis, and blue-Violet light for reproduction. Conventional grow lights waste two thirds of their energy in producing heat and wavelengths of light that are not useful to plants.

The heat that is given off by conventional grow lights can be very harmful to plants. In order to protect the plants from the heat, it is frequently necessary to purchase a separate cooling system. It also means higher watering costs.  In addition to this extra expense, items such as ballasts will need to be replaced, reflectors will need to be obtained and the lights themselves will need to be replaced more frequently than LED lights would be.led grow lights

Then there is the matter of life expectancy. LED grow lights usually last 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This is 40 to 50 times longer than other types of grow lights. Take this in to consideration when you look at the initial costs of buying these lights.

When all of these factors are weighed, it is clear that the indoor gardener can benefit greatly by using LED lights. While they do cost more than other types of grow lights initially, over time they will be less expensive. As was stated at the outset, LED grow lights are the best choice.

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