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Hopefully you have arrived here to learn a little about landscape lighting, the different kinds and the different uses for them. Some online guides are obsessed with the technical details and things can get complicated and confusing quite quickly. I have kept things simple with this post to help you to quickly get the information you need to buy landscape lighting for your garden area. I have been installing many different types of outdoor lighting systems for many years and on the technical side there are only a few details to be concerned with – the power source (solar, low voltage etc.), the brightness of the unit and the type of bulbs they can use (and their cost!). All the other technical data only confuses most ordinary people – I like to keep things as simple as possible.

Of course when you want to buy some landscape lighting there are links throughout this page that lead you to more information and a chance to read some independent reviews and buy garden lighting. The site is designed to help you find out what you might need quickly and easily and so make shopping a little less painful.


The Different Types of Outdoor Lighting

This is a pretty big subject with many different lighting products available some simple, some sophisticated, some cheap some expensive. Lights are available for many specific purposes and the whole thing can be a little confusing – too many to choose from! To simplify matters and help you to easily find what you need, we have divided things into a few main categories of outdoor lights. Each link below will give you more information, reviews and the chance to buy selected lights for each purpose.


Mains – 120 Volt Garden Lights

LED Landscape Lighting

Solar Garden Lights

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting


Within these main categories you will find many varieties of outdoor lighting units from the more traditional spotlights and floodlights to outdoor string lights and fiber optic lights. You can dig deeper with specialist landscape lights such as pond lights, patio and decking lights. A lantern above the door isn’t good enough – not these days!


Create a Landscape Lighting Design

Before you rush out and buy the first lights you see, take a little time and make a simple plan. You do not need to be a professional designer here. Creating a garden lighting design can be as simple as you wish to make it; it is the process of stopping to think about where and how you light your garden that is important. So many people stick up a few lights here and there and wonder why the effect is disappointing. Take a look around at what is available for sale. Look at pictures for some inspiration. Read my page on landscape lighting ideas for a few interesting tips on using outside lighting in less conventional ways. Great design is always innovative and steers away from the norm. OK maybe you don’t feel that creative – but seriously, just looking at a few pictures can give you some great design ideas.

To help you get thinking along the right lines consider these points:

Your Home

Seems obvious but the type of home will influence the lighting design. Are you working with a large garden with pool area, patio and decking or perhaps a second floor apartment? Both can benefit from a good well planned landscape lighting design but in very different ways.landscape light ideas


Your House Style.

Nothing is set in stone, but if you have an old fashioned rural cottage how good will ultra modern LED lights look? As a general rule try to match the lighting design to the property style. Contrasting styles can work at times – a modern deck area with contemporary outdoor lighting can look great with almost any style of house. Try to envisage the final result in your mind before buying any lighting.contemporary garden lights


Use the Best Lighting for the Job

Consider the practicalities of installing the lighting design. A patio in the corner of the garden may be difficult and expensive to light with mains lighting. You would need to run electrical wires for longer distances and perhaps underground in expensive conduit or using armored cable. Think about using solar garden lights as an alternative in difficult to access areas; they require no cables or wiring.


Lighting Control

This is an exciting area of landscape design which is more accessible than most people think. At the planning stage you need to consider how your lights will be turned on and off. This can simply be from plugging in an electric cable or flicking a switch – but it can be so much more. Today you can have a central control point inside the house to manage the lighting outside. You can have varied levels of brightness using dimmers and set lights to come on at certain times – even sequence colored lights. The technology is moving fast and is less expensive than you might think. Even the simple act of fitting garden lights to a timer switch to come on at a set time can be great.


Think of Something a Little Different

landscape lightingTry to use a few lighting techniques to give your design that edge. Check out my post on landscape lighting ideas. Very often in a garden design one element can become the focal point and add that wow factor to make yours stand out from the rest.


Once you start to look at and think about landscape lighting and just what is available you will realize the choices are immense. Do a little research, get some ideas and plan your design before you start buying outdoor lighting. Think outside the box if you want to stand out from the crowd.


Everything popular is wrong.

-OSCAR WILDE, The Importance of Being Earnest

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