All About Lawn Aerator Rental

Aerating your lawn using hand held tools is too difficult, so if you want to make the task easy, rent a lawn aerator.
There are many things to consider before you use a lawn aerator rental. In this article, we will tell you a lot about lawn aerators and when to rent them.

When to Aerate your Lawn?

You can aerate your lawn anytime because there is no bad time to aerate a lawn, instead of course if the temperature is already below freezing. However, we suggest that you aerate your lawn every spring season; this is the most common time to aerate a lawn. You can also aerate your lawn during fall season. For mushy lawns, the best time to aerate is when it is already midsummer.

Where to rent a Lawn Aerator?

There are many available shops that you can rent a lawn aerator. However, for me, the best place for aerator rental is to those small rental shops. Why? Because they are not so strict about their returning policies, unlike those large shops out there. It’s also cheaper to rent here. Also, renting with them is like also helping them to grow their business. The only problem here is that their lawn aerators might be old equipments already. However, you can ask them in advance how old is their equipments and if they have new one or the latest equipment and you can reserve it.

What type of Lawn Aerator to Rent?

A mechanical coring lawn is the best type of lawn aerator that you would like to rent. It has different brands ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive one. The best brand that I will recommend to you is the Ryan, it is an easy to manipulate machine and not easily broken. There is a great copy of this, Claussen, which is as good. The most common because of its cheap price is the Blue Bird while the most expensive is the Billy Goat.

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