8 Kinds of Lawn Aerators

Whether its resident or office, a lawn adds feeling of pleasure to any yard. But to avail beauty they need to be properly maintained. They must be well aerated from among various known ways.  Few kinds of lawn aerators are discussed below along with their own pros and cons:

  1. Liquid aerator for lawn: liquid aerator can be added to water before dispersing it in the lawn. It adds value to soil leading to growth all over.
  2. Soil conditioner: there are many components available like cow dunk which can be added to soil to add its nourishing properties for a healthy growth. Soil conditioners became must for good growth in soil, which is more of clay by nature.
  3. Spiked wheels: there are available wheels with spiked which trim the lawn as you move them on surface. Make small pockets as they aerate, which closes rapidly where the wheel moves.
  4. Shoes with spikes: one can enjoy walk in lawn along with proving lawn with aeration. These are special kind of shoes make with spikes underneath for the purpose of lawn aeration. Providing compactions and counteracting to the lawn surface.
  5. Hand tools:  specially designed as aerator and tools with spikes are made which carries a handle and two or more strong tines at the base around crossbar. It’s an old way and requires much more time without providing big pockets.
  6. Spikes aerator with push: spike separators are provided with push button which can be pressed to make canister spikes go deep in soil. It performs its function faster than hand tool and makes greater pockets easily.
  7. Coring manual aerator: there function are one step ahead of manual hand tool. Although they uses hand and foot for being pressed into soil yet it provides greater advantages of increasing turf and health of roots. They can be used along with mechanical aerating for the places where its difficult for mechanical aerator to reach.
  8. Coring aerator with gas power: it’s a device which performs its function largely by itself. It’s a mechanical device which provides coring lines to lawn into the soil directly. They get their energy lift from gas infused in them and does fantastic work very easily. 
Aerating Lawn Sandals
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