Lawn Care Tips

A nice lawn will contribute to the value of your property and improve the appearance of your house. Grass is a safe and natural surface where children can play and adults can relax. Listed below are two simple lawn care tips that will keep your grass in perfect shape.

Grass will grow deep roots if you water deeply and frequently. The amount of water you should use will depend on the type of grass and soil, so it may be different with every property. In most cases, one inch of water should be enough to soak the ground and allow the roots to get adequate moisture and nutrition. Sloping areas may require more moisture, since it tends to run to the bottom of the hill. Use less water on the shaded areas that receive less sunlight. If there are trees on your lawn, these areas will need more moisture since the trees tend to soak up the majority of it.

Watering your grass during the morning is best time. Moisture evaporates when exposed to wind and sun, but watering at night may increase the chance of plant diseases. Never water your lawn in direct sunlight, because it can burn the roots and kill the grass.

A beautiful lawn can quickly get ruined by pests, so you should always maintain a regular lawn feeding schedule, using a good quality lawn feed. Regularly check the area to catch early problems and get rid of them as soon as possible. A few insects or weeds may not be a big cause of concern, but too many may cause an epidemic. Many weeds produce thousands of seeds each year, which can spread to the rest of your property. Always root out weeds whenever you see them to keep the lawn looking nice and to prevent them from spreading to other locations.

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