What is a Lawn Dethatcher or a Power Rake?

A lawn dethatcher can also be called a thatching machine or a power rake. So, what is a dethatcher? It is a machine that using spinning blades to pull out layers  of thatch and moss out of a lawn. Thatching is more especially popular in a areas of the country where mos can grow in your lawn over the winter. These include, but are not limited to areas like Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. Below are some of the reasons why I would use a thatching machine.
1)A Dethatching machine can save you a lot of time compared to using a thatch rake. It is also a lot easier to use. It takes only about half and hour to run a thatching machine over a lawn and about an hour to an hour and a half to rake up the mess and dispose of it.
2)Thatching machines are not the expensive to rent on average they only cost between $35 and $60 for a 4 hour rental. You could buy a thatching blade for your mower for less money, but a machine will work about 400% better and it will do a lot less damage to your lawn.
3)The angle of the blades on the power rake machine hit the ground on a perpendicular angle. They minimize the amount of contact they have with the surface of the soil to give you the most benefit. Power rakes will not pull out a lot of grass, which will happen if you use a lawn mower dethatching blade. Also the grass will take a lot less time to recover from a machine dethatcher, then it will take to recover from a dethatcher machine.
The best time for dethatching your lawn is in the Spring, this is because it helps to get rid of all the thatch build up that has occurred in the winter and it gets your lawn off to a good start in the Spring.

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