Maiden Grass: A Graceful Ornamental Grass

Maiden grass, which is also known as zebra grass or eulalia, is a type of ornamental grass that can grow up to seven feet tall. It is considered one of the most graceful ornamental grasses because its grass blades are thin and the plant stands gracefully albeit its tallness. The tips of the grass gently fall over, creating a cascading look. One of the trademarks of maiden grass is its bushy appearance. The upper portion of the grass is thicker than the lower portion and the upper can spread up to eight feet wide, so if you are planning to have maiden grass in your garden make sure that you have enough space for the plant.

This grass is easy to grow, which is why a lot of people are opting for this type of ornamental grass instead of other ornamental plants. It loves to be under the sun but can also grow well if placed in the shade. It can also withstand dry soil–although it can grow well if the soil is constantly being watered. Once of the unique features of this ornamental grass is that its blade tips (where the seed heads are located) turns a shade of red or tan during august where the fall season is nearing. When it turns to a different shade it means that the plant is in its blooming state. Garden owners anxiously await the maiden grasses’ blooming periods because the colors are not only beautiful but the thinness of the tips of the grass blades it makes the color look ethereal. They also mix it with other plants so that the flowers of the other plants that are planted side by side with the maiden grass can stand out. It is compatible with almost any other type of plant, and goes especially well in a patch of monkey grass or other ornamental grasses. Maiden grass will not attract pests to your yard, although butterflies and some birds are attracted to the maiden grass clumps. It is also deer resistant, which makes it ideal for planting on the sides of the garden.

Aside from the benefits that you will get in growing maiden grass, you will also be happy to know that you don’t have to purchase a lot of clumps if you want to propagate it. All you have to do is to purchase a few clumps, let it grow, and once they have matured separate a few clumps and plant it in other places. It is not a sensitive grass so that’s why when you propagate by separating there is a high chance that it will grow. If you decide to go with maiden grass you will certainly not regret it as it is an ornamental grass well worth having in your garden.

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