My Best Gift Ideas for Gardeners – For Christmas, Birthday or Just Because..

Looking for gift ideas for gardeners? Well think yourself very lucky because gardeners are easy to buy interesting gifts for – unlike mothers! I should know – I have been a gardener for most of my life and in that time have received countless gifts related in some way to gardening, some great and some not so great.

When you are trying to think of something to buy as a gift you will usually ask yourself – what do they like? With a gardener – home run! The only downside I have found is that most gifts I receive are garden related and nothing else! But hey, you have to take the rough with the smooth.

I was just going to tell you about a few of the best gardening gifts I have been given over the years but as I did a little research for this article it has started to look more like my personal wish list – some great new ideas out there.

Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day or Mothers Day – Does it Matter?

Gardening gifts tend to be quite universal, whether its gardening gifts for Christmas or birthdays shouldn’t really matter but you can get a bit of variation with gender or age groups. Gardening gifts for older people can be quite different from gifts for kids for the garden. Male or female gardening gifts – I suppose there is a little variation here too but the overriding difference will usually be in price brackets. Cheap or expensive gifts for gardeners – that’s where it’s at! Before we get to my wish list here are a few of my favorites I have been given over the years. You can click on the links below to read more or to find garden gifts for sale.

My Top 3 Gardening Gifts (ones I have been given)

Gardening Books – An old favorite, very effective if you know their specific interests but a bit of a kop out. Too easy to just pick up the latest best seller as a Christmas present for a gardener. But still, I have been given some great books which I probably wouldn’t have bought myself. Personalize it a little and as always when giving a book as a gift – write a little from… inside the cover.

live lady bugs

Live Ladybugs – I know, I couldn’t believe it myself but last year my aunt bought me a tub of live ladybirds for Christmas. It was certainly the most unusual gardening gift I have ever received! This is a classic, great present in my opinion, relevant – ladybirds are great for controlling other bugs in the garden, unusual – I’ll say. A present that both impresses and leaves a lasting impression. Out of all the presents I got last year the ladybirds is the one that sticks in my mind and probably will for years to come. Can you remember what you got last Christmas?

A Hammock!

My sister knows me well – and for my 40th birthday she bought me a hammock. Now I suppose it’s not truly a gardening gift but it was relevant for me. She knows how much time I spend in the garden and you know, that is the thing with gardeners we spend a lot of time looking after our plots but we also love to spend time enjoying the garden. What better way than relaxing in a hammock with a cold drink. Some of the best gift ideas are a little obtuse, a little outside the box. This is one of my all time favorites.

Common Gift Ideas for Gardeners

If you are not feeling adventurous and wish to play it safe here are a few of the more traditional gifts for gardeners, although they sound a little dull to me.

  • Garden Pruners
  • Garden Tool kits
  • Wind Chimes
  • Knee pads
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Patio Furniture
  • Solar Lights

You get the idea, the list is endless and most gardeners will love these items as gifts. But they lack a little in terms of imagination. The best gifts for gardeners don’t need to be expensive to impress – they need to be unusual or quirky in some way or else personalized. In my research for this article I searched online for some different gifts that could stand out from the norm a little but it has quickly become my wish list. Below are a few of my favorite gardening gift ideas.

Expensive Gifts for a Gardener

The Aerogarden 7 pod herb growing system.

aerogarden herb growing system

I want one and I want it now! These look fantastic and judging from the online reviews they are a great success. Basically a kit for growing your own herbs in a unique and modern way. This could be a great gift for anyone never mind a gardener. That’s it I am going to buy one of these for myself, I can’t wait – but I will review it online as soon as I get it up and running so keep an eye on the site.

Patio Fire Pit.

patio fire pit- gifts for gardeners

Again thinking about the relaxing gardener I couldn’t not show you this one. This will impress – every time they light this up they will think of you – ahh that sounds so nice!


Slightly Quirky, Unusual Gardening Gifts

Just a couple of things I found that may not be for everyone but they appealed to me in some way.

weather station for gardeners


A Weather Station

Wow – great for the weather enthusiast as most gardeners are – is it going to rain, shine or blow? Now they can be all techy and consult this amazing wireless weather station. It is actually very good – click on the picture to learn more.


garden gnome


Forever Collectables NFL Garden Gnomes

Gnomes just got popular with these little guys – yes you got it, styled in your favorite NFL team’s colors. Most people either love garden gnomes …or they hate them but these little guys are a bit different. A really fun gardening gift to freak out the neighbors.



bonsai tree gifts

Bonsai Tree

I will be surprised if any garden lover isn’t impressed with a beautiful bonsai tree. They will provide a little interest and need some looking after so right up the gardener’s street!


Gifts for Older Gardeners

The more mature gardener – they don’t want a book – they have done it all! But you can teach an old dog new tricks. If you have a friend or relative who is a gardener of the more mature type why not try a gift of newer technology or at least newer ideas. Perhaps a worm composting kit or solar lighting or for a bit of fun an Electronic Racket Zapper.

More seriously though quite often a gift to make working in the garden a little easier may be well received. I came across this range of gardening hand tools, ideally suited to the older gardener or someone with limited mobility. The Radius Garden Tool Set– ergonomically designed and said to be great for people with conditions such as arthritis. Once again this is a very popular and highly reviewed product – definitely worth a look.

Radius garden tool set

Gardening Gifts for Kids

Today, kids are being encouraged to get involved with gardening from a young age and that’s great. In schools they are being taught to be more aware of the environment and of course about green issues. With a little thought you can come up with some really great ideas for gifts for young gardeners – to help encourage and educate them. Some ideas may be just for fun others more educational in nature.

On a recent holiday to my aunt’s home in Spain my two young boys (6 and 4 years old) were absolutely fascinated by some of the solar lights she had in her garden – they were solar globe lights that changed color. I was stunned how big an impact they had and of course had to explain the whole solar energy thing – which was great. Funny what catches children’s eyes.

A well considered gift can be a great way to get your kids more involved with the garden. Kids love to see things growing – start them off with plants that grow quickly and easily – things like herb seed starter kits or the old favorite – sunflower seeds. Kids can loose interest quickly so you need to be creative to keep things moving. They love weeding – for five minutes! Garden ornaments, solar fountains and lights, kids gardening tool sets – think along those lines for great gardening gifts for kids.

What I Want for Christmas

Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

I know – I couldn’t work out what it was at first – even from the picture! Basically it is a fast starter system for lighting your barbeque. Just look at the reviews – everyone loves it, and I need one.

rapidfire chimney starter

Lighting the barbeque can be a nightmare and take forever – I am definitely not the crazy fire starter! This piece of kit is cheap, unusual and practical – I think it is a winner as a gift for any garden lover.


As I have written this article, I have come to the conclusion that you can buy gardening gifts for just about anyone! Gardening professionals, enthusiasts, young and old – anyone with a garden and even those without a garden (think Aerogarden). With a little extra thought and lateral thinking you might even manage to buy a gift that will stay in their memory for years to come – is that not the goal?

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