Orchid Care – I Can Make It Easy

Orchid care can be made really easy – don’t believe me? This article will show you that proper orchid care is no big secret and with a few important steps, anyone can grow orchids successfully.

So called experts can often blind the average person with technical details about the perfect requirements needed to grow orchids but do not let this put you off.

Orchids are a wonderful plant, enjoyed for their exquisite flowers, their many and varied scents and their exotic appearance. The orchid plant family is huge and varied and we can use this to our advantage when choosing a plant for the home. The single most important way to keep orchid care easy is to choose your orchid types carefully. I cannot stress this enough. So many people fail with orchids simply by starting out with the wrong plant for their conditions.

orchid care

Think about it this way – you want an orchid for your home and you want to give it good care and have nice flowers etc. etc. However I am sure you don’t want to invest in special equipment like humidifiers sprinklers or even a heated greenhouse. The care that you will need to give this orchid will depend almost entirely on where this plant comes from in the wild and the conditions it lives in naturally. You will need to provide these conditions as closely as possible for it to thrive without any problems.

This does not sound easy so far. The key to making orchid care easy is to choose a variety that best matches the conditions in your home. Would you buy a cactus that comes from the Arizona desert and plant it in a garden near the arctic circle in Canada and hope it will grow happily? Then why do we think we can take an orchid from a tropical rainforest and put it in our kitchen window and just add water?

Of course we can grow that cactus or the orchid if we can adapt the conditions we have to suit. But this is exactly what makes it difficult. Simplify things from the start, choose the right plant for the right place and it can be easy. With such a vast range of orchids to choose from it is easy to find one that will suit your conditions. Of course it does not need to be an exact match but the closer it is the easier it will be to keep your orchid happy.

Some orchid types are more adaptable than others and can tolerate a range of conditions – such as phaleanopsis orchids. Others are very particular and need specific conditions just to survive. Which ones will you try to grow first?

I highly recommend doing some basic research before buying your first orchid. Try to find out the particular requirements specific to the orchid types you have chosen. You will quickly learn that the different types vary slightly in their basic needs such as water, fertilizer, heat, humidity and sunlight requirements. This is true of many different plants, caring for orchids is no different. If you do a little research you will have healthy, happy, beautiful orchids without too much effort. Keep things simple from the start and make your orchid care easy!

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