Outdoor Security Lights – Reliable 120 Volt Security Lighting for the Garden

For outdoor security lights it is hard to convince me to use anything but 120 volt mains wired lighting. I may use low voltage or solar security lights as an added safety measure but never as the sole security option. I just like the permanence of wired security lights, they rarely let you down. I just cannot get my head around solar lights for security purposes as they can often be under charged and may not even work after a period of bad weather. Perhaps as a backup for wired lights in case of a power failure they can make sense but not as a solution on their own.

Most peoples idea of security lighting today is to have a few motion activated lights placed strategically around the home. Lets face it that is all you really need unless you are going to more extreme measures. For most properties a couple of floodlights with motion sensors will do the job, and the good news is that this does not cost much and is very easy to set up.


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