Buying Patio Furniture Cushions Today

Perhaps the time has come to replace those old tired and moldy patio furniture cushions, or maybe your furniture could do with the addition of a few comfortable outdoor pillows and cushions just for some extra comfort. Buying outdoor cushions and pillows can transform the overall look of your furniture and it needn’t cost the earth. Adding a little color to the design can be as good as changing the patio set completely if done tastefully. Loose the idea you may have in your mind of those old plastic, uncomfortable cushions of the past – today’s modern outdoor cushion fabrics will add comfort and a rich look to any patio area.


There are many ways to buy these cushions today both online and from regular retail outlets. Many modern plant centers and DIY chains have good patio furniture and accessory departments with a great range of choice. In my opinion though, the best deals to be found will be from online suppliers – these items are light and fairly cheap to deliver and indeed many stores will offer free delivery. The great thing about shopping online is that you can search quickly and efficiently with very little effort and you can be sure of all the customer rights afforded to a regular shop purchase.


What Do You Need to Buy?

Patio Furniture CushionsCushions can be purchased for virtually any type of outdoor patio furniture: wrought iron patio furniture, resin patio furniture, wicker patio furniture, patio chairs, patio rocking chairs and recliners. If not available in off the shelf sizes then you can buy custom made patio furniture cushions to fit any item you require.

You may be looking to buy new patio furniture cushions or replacement patio covers, with both you need to consider the most important factor – the fabric. Today you will find many different patio cushion fabrics to choose from and that is before you consider the style or individual designs.

  • PVC – quite hard and plastic feeling, the old style fabric. Often the cheapest option but not exactly comfortable.
  • Polyester – again one of the less expensive choices. Much more comfortable than PVC but be aware the colors of any designs can fade quite quickly. The use of fabric protectors can help to prevent this fading.
  • Acrylic – Good rich feeling fabric and well suited to outdoor use. Many top brands use acrylic dyed and woven fabrics you may be familiar with names such as Sunbrella, Outdura and Robert Allen amongst others. Acrylic patio cushion covers are resistant to mold and hard wearing as well as being luxurious and comfortable.

Other fabrics are available such as: Marquesa, Linen, Canvas and Oelefin. As for the style and designs you choose the sky is the limit. The choice is staggering from strong modern tones to stripped and floral prints – whatever takes your fancy!


Patio Furniture Cushions – What Filling?

The filling is important as this will enhance the comfort but also you need to consider the effects of moisture. Foam type filling is sometimes used in the cheaper ranges but is not the ideal solution. Foam will retain a lot of water and will be quite slow to dry out – it will be fine if used with a waterproof material such as PVC.

The better alternative is compressed polyester fill, sometimes called poly fill. This filling is used by most of the better quality cushions on the market. It has lower water retention properties and will dry out quickly and will remain free from mold. A better solution all around.Patio Chair Cushion


Cleaning Patio Furniture Cushions

Most of the modern fabrics are best cleaned simply using a soapy water solution and a sponge. Many different fabric cleaners are sold today but care should be taken when using anything other than a mild soap. There is danger of damaging the colors or any print designs if the detergent is too strong or reacts with the fabric. Always test a small area first if using any specialist fabric cleaner.


The Best Way to Buy Outdoor Cushions

A lot will depend on the type of furniture you are buying the cushions for. If it is fairly standard in terms of size and shape then off the shelf cushions can be sourced very easily and for reasonable costs. Check carefully the size and shape of the cushion against the size and shape of your furniture. This will be your biggest money saver – if you can buy off the shelf cushions. These can be found in good ranges on any of the big online stores including Amazon – meaning you can get some great prices if you look around. This also does not mean you have to compromise on quality or choice as most suppliers will have a good range of standard sizes available.

If you need something a little more specialized then you may have to go the customized route. Of course this will be more expensive but you will get good fitting patio furniture cushions for the extra money spent.

As always – remember that buying the best quality you can afford will often be the most cost effective approach in the long term, as you will have a product made to last.

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