Different Patio Lighting Options

Patio lighting helps you to take advantage of your patio by allowing you to spend more time out there at night. Strategic landscape lighting can help your patio not only look more inviting to yourself and your guests but can also help highlight specific parts of your patio and its surroundings. There are several types of patio lighting and choosing the right way to light your patio can make all the difference.

Different ways to light your patio

  • Deck Lighting: This is the most common type of lighting that lights the entire deck making the patio seem like a safer place to be at night. Deck lighting helps highlight steps and other changes in elevation. You do this by simply putting in light fixtures beneath railings, benches, or on vertical posts to light up more of the patio.
  • Moon Lighting: This is done by placing light fixtures high up, possibly in trees, and letting them shine down and filter through items like branches accentuating their shape and creating the effect that the moonlight is shining directly onto your patio.
  • Shadowing: If you want to highlight specific parts of your deck this is the technique used. You can place a light facing a fountain or to display a specific shape in a garden. The closer the lights is to the item, the larger the shadow will be and the more dramatic the effect.
  • Silhouetting: If you have an object such as a statue or something else that you really want to display a shadow of it is easy to place a light behind it and it will really stick out because of the light shining behind it.

patio lightingDifferent types of lights can be used for each lighting strategy. LED lights are available for the garden and pathways from the deck. Use around outdoor resin wicker furniture to create a comfortable spot to relax in the evening. Specific lights are made to be mounted on the ceiling and walls, but it really depends on the person for the design or how bright they want their lights.

For further information and additional modern ways to light your garden, check out the article on landscape lighting ideas here.

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