Use Scotts Lawn Care Products For A Fantastic Lawn

Taking care of a lawn is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding aspects of home ownership. A beautifully maintained and manicured lot says a lot about the homeowner and about the ability to take care of one’s property. It’s important to keep in mind whether you plan to keep it up in an organic manner, or through the use of advanced formulas like those developed by Scotts Lawn Care.

Spring time is the perfect time to get started. Depending upon where you live, if it’s in a frost zone then you’ll want to be sure the frost is gone before you begin your springtime treatment. Raking first is a great way to wake up the root system, but don’t overdo it. Then, spread out the spring treatment formula, follow the directions on watering and within a week you’ll notice a drastic improvement in color and vitality. Maintain this until summer and plan to add another treatment in the summertime to boost your fertilizer levels and treat for pests. Keeping the grass mowed to a 3-inch height is optimal. Too short invites pests and more stress. Too long does the same and makes it more difficult to mow and mulch. Making sure your mower’s blade is sharp is key to keeping your lawn healthy. Cutting the grass rather than tearing it keeps it healthy and prevents disease.

As autumn approaches, it’ll be time to add the winterizing treatment to your lawn. This is considered by many as the most important treatment and using a quality formula will ensure that you’ll find a happy and healthy lawn awaiting you when springtime arrives. If you have an underground sprinkler system and live in a frost zone, be sure to blow out the sprinkler system to avoid the damaging impact of ice in the lines, where the stretching and contracting actions caused by ice could wreak havoc on your sprinkler lines. Be sure to water as recommended by your climate and zone and you’ll be the proud owner of a fantastic looking lot for everyone that passes by to admire.

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