Key Ingredients for Stunning Garden Paving

Though your garden is primarily about organic matter – in other words, plants and flowers – you can also add the inorganic to highlight and complement everything you’ve done so far. From concrete paving stones to grass pavers and beyond, the options for hardscaping and paving your garden area are near limitless. Here are some key ingredients for garden paving that will leave you and your guests in awe of your creations:

1) The Walkway. This is perhaps the most fundamental piece of garden paving that you can install. The best way to show off your garden is to have someone walk through it, assuming, of course, that the garden is large and varied enough for this effect to be beneficial. In addition, there are many materials you could use for this. Concrete pavers, grass pavers, and even stepping stones all work well. You can design this walkway to give the walker a particular experience, i.e. places where they can stop and smell the roses.

2) The Patio. A walkway is one thing – but a patio is another. This could be a place where you and guests gather right in the middle of your garden. What better way to enjoy the relaxation afforded by nature?

3) The Bench. You can add benches along your path or around your patio so that people can sit and enjoy the scenery. There are many different types of benches available, from wood and metal to ones made out of concrete and a mold.

4) Grass Pavers. If you simply want to have grass around your garden, but want to protect it from erosion and traffic, grass pavers will be your game. The grass will grow from in between the ‘honeycomb’ structure, helping to hide the pavers, but still letting them give the soil the strength and protection it needs to withstand heavy traffic and weather.

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