Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture is a very hard wearing and luxurious type of patio furniture that is becoming increasingly popular today. There are a few factors that set it apart from garden furniture made from other materials.Is all outdoor furniture alike? No, it is not. Outdoor furniture can be made from quite a few different materials. Some include : wrought iron patio furniture, resin patio furniture, bamboo, plastic and furniture made from wicker, then you have many other types of wooden outdoor furniture.

Ok, new question. Is all wooden outdoor furniture alike? You would think so. I mean, wood comes from trees and trees grow outside in all different types of weather, right? So, it stands to reason that all wooden furniture should have the same durability outdoors. No, this is not true. Some woods are stronger than others and can withstand all types of weather while others are more sensitive to changes in the temperature and climate.

For example, let’s talk about teak garden furniture. Teak outdoor furniture can be very resilient to all sorts of weather. Teak is a wood that is relatively expensive and so not really common to find furniture made out of and this lends to its tendency to be looked at as more of a status symbol. Teak furniture is also a very long lasting wood and it is a common thing to find that this furniture lasts more than 70 years and can be passed down through families from generation to generation.

Teak Garden Furniture From Amazon

Teak Furniture Gallery TGL100 Adirondack Chair with Footstool

You can find Adirondack chairs, tables, lounge chairs, benches, swings, rocking chairs, etc. made from teak. Other essential accessories include patio umbrellas and patio furniture cushions to aid your comfort of course.You will be able to find these pieces at furniture stores, home improvement stores and even online. Another good thing about teak is that it can be used treated or untreated. You can even get something called plantation teak which is supposed to be a more eco-friendly type because of the lack of chemicals used in the treatment process of it. This particular type of teak will also be the longest lasting type. Teak from responsibly managed forestry is also something to look out for in keeping with your green credentials!teak garden furniture

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