Tips To Grow Tomatoes

For those succulent a juicy tomatoes, here are tomato growing tips that will ensure your crop is tantalizing. Start your seed bed preparation early if you intend to bring your tomatoes all the way from seed to tomatoes in your fridge. If you are not keen on propagating the seeds yourself, then prepare your tomatoes’ bed early too. On of the best ways to prepare is to ensure that your ground has the basic requirements that enhance the growth of plants; warmth, moisture and soil nutrition. To achieve that, you can water the patch slightly and place a thin layer of dry grass on the moist patch for about a day or two.

Some growers will also recommend that you place a black polythene paper over the patch just to keep that extra heat in. Here is a simple procedure on how to grow tomatoes: before the actual planting, cut a row of about three to four inches into the ground and place your seedlings along these making sure there is adequate space between one plant and the other. The best time to place your plants in the ground is in the morning when the sun is not out, or late in the evening when the sun has gone down. This helps the roots of the seedlings to find their grasp in the soil without being overwhelmed by the evaporation on the leaves.

When removing the seedlings for transplanting, try and retain as much of the soil around their current root as possible as this ensures you do not break and disturb the smaller and less developed roots. After placing the seedlings in the ground, cover the roots to about half an inch to one inch more above their seedling in-soil level. When you transplant it, place the roots deeper into the soil. This will give the new seedling a larger surface area on its stem for its new roots and will enable it grow faster.

One of the best ways to water your tomatoes plants is to lay a pipe along the base of the plants and make a small hole on it that drips at about half a centimeter off the direct base of each seedling. Keep this dripping of water on for at least four to six hours spread out over ever 24hour period for the first week after you transplant your tomatoes. Thereafter, you can reduce this time to three hours and in the later months to at least two hours daily.

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