Types of Deer Fencing

If you live in a wooded area then most likely you have problems with deer from time to time. A deer can eat your garden plants and basically ruin your entire garden – although they probably don’t mean to. And even though you also don’t intend to be mean and deprive them of your yummy garden vegetables, ruined plants are costly to replace and undermines all the hard work you put in. This is why it is better to keep the deer away from your garden in the first place.

Deer fencing is the best method to keep the deer away from your delicious garden. There are many garden fencing ideas to consider, but perhaps the best known is traditional deer fencing. With this method you can use cyclone wire as the fencing material. Although it is very visible, it is time tested and proven to keep the deer away. A fence made of wood slats is also a good option, although with this type the view of your garden will be completely obscured. Another type of fencing is mesh deer fencing. This type is easy to see through, so you won’t disturb the view of your garden from the patio or a back window. The mesh that is commonly used for fencing is sturdy and will not be damaged easily. Just make sure that the fence is at least six feet tall as deer can jump quite high and are more than willing to challenge their hurdling skills if they see some delicious carrots on the other side.

Another type of deer fencing to consider are electrical fences. The main benefit of this type of fencing is that you don’t have to put up as high a wall as you do of the other types. The deer will not dare cross the border to your garden once they have ventured close to the electrical fence and gotten a taste of what it can do. These fences will not hurt the deer very much, but they will make the animal think twice about going for your plants. The only downside to this type of fence is that if you have outdoor pets such as dogs it is not advisable to use it. You will also want to avoid this type if you have younger kids in your home.

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