Use a Hand Aerator to Fix Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is truly necessary for a healthy and green lawn. There are different types of aerators available in the market, which are beneficial according to the need. Hand aerator is one of the most-used aerator; it is of three types, but in these types, the most useful is spike aerator. A spike aerator is beneficial for the top soil because holes made by it are not terribly deep. For that reason, they are helpful to recover the thatch. The main advantage of the spike aerator is to use easily, and take less time to aerate the lawn.

On the other hand, another two types of aerators are advantageous for clay soils because they make deep holes during the aeration of the lawn. These two aerators are core and stake aerators that strengthen the roots of the grass to make the lawn healthy and lush. Hand aerators are beneficial for smaller lawns or the lawns, which are placing in the dry areas.

If one wants to maintain a healthy and rich lawn, then several techniques should be followed by the lawn owner. Dethatching is one of the technique that give the lawn needed shape and care. It includes the removing of unwanted plant materials such as dry grass, dead leaves from the surface of the lawn, which restrict the growth of the lawn. For this, it is a brilliant idea to use thatching rake, mainly for smaller lawns. Dethatching rake is an instrument, which has sharp and wide blades. Because of two sided rake, it is perfect for removing the unwanted plant materials from the lawn. One advantage of thatching rake is that it is not harmful for the grass. With that it is beneficial in removing the moss from the lawn area.

If one is using thatch patch, then it should not be more than ½ inch for the lawn because more than this may kill the lawn due to the lack of nutrients and oxygen. For this reason, it suggests using the thatching rake in the lawn. This technique is more beneficial because it reduces the frequency of watering and lowers the chances of insect infections to the lawn grass. The right use of rake can make the lawn healthier and greener. One should use this technique twice in the year. The best time for this technique is spring.

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