Watering Your Orchids.

And another thing! How do you water orchids correctly? Well with a watering can of course! Watering orchids can be straightforward if you learn to avoid some common mistakes many people make.

As with most aspects of orchid care there is no single answer, except perhaps .. not too much, but that isn’t very helpful. We always go back to the basics in orchid care. What type of orchid have you got and what are the conditions it enjoys. If it grows in a tropical climate it’s probably going to need lots of water, if it’s from a more temperate area less water. You get the idea. That being said there are a few other things to consider.

Think about how orchids grow in nature. Many orchids do not actually grow in soil, they cling to tree branches and roots, getting moisture from the rain when it washes over them, or from the moss and organic matter that surrounds them. This means that their roots may frequently dry out to some degree. We want to replicate this at home in our environment.

Watering Orchids Too Much.

Do not over water orchids.Let the growing medium ( fine potting bark is common) dry out before watering again. Signs that you are watering orchids too much include rotting of the roots and general instability of the plant. If this is happening reduce the frequency and amount of water.

water orchids

Never pot orchids in soil or soil based composts, these are too fine in texture and will hold too much water and not enough air. It is wise to pot orchids in a bark based compost or a really good quality sphagnum moss compost.

Try a system of watering orchids once a week or every 10 days and see how it goes, if the plant seems happy stick with it, if not adjust accordingly. Many people water and feed orchids at the same time with liquid orchid fertilizer and this is good practice. Remember about once a month to give your orchid a heavy watering to flush out any harmful salts from the fertilizer. Think of this as the tropical storm in nature!

Humidity is another factor that will influence your watering. Some orchids require high levels of humidity and this can be challenging to provide in the average home without making the humans suffer. Try grouping your orchids close together to create their own little micro climate. You can improve this effect by keeping a shallow tray filled with water in amongst them. This water will evaporate and increase the humidity slightly. You can also spray your plants with a fine mist regularly, though this is impractical for most people. I have some good tips for humidifying orchids in my mini course.

Watering Orchids does not need to be difficult. Try some of these tips today and remember to keep things as simple as possible, that way you are more likely to keep doing it. Orchids will thrive in your home environment if they are given the proper care including the right potting, the right amount of water, the proper amount of sunlight and if they are fertilized. Although they are quite beautiful, they can also be temperamental. But, by understanding how to care for them properly, orchids are not that complicated and you can grow these exotic and beautiful plants.

Why not invest in a good orchid reference book! Great for learning how to care for your plants. Click below for reviews and to buy from Amazon or check out my recent post about orchid books.


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