What Is a Liquid Lawn Aerator?

Lawn aeration is a vital task everyone should do when taking care of their lawn. Although this method is proven to be very beneficial for your lawn’s health, aerating your lawn can be a difficult and expensive task. A great alternative for this method, which has seen much promotion from companies all around the world, would be to use a liquid aerator, a device which is said to be even more efficient and easier to handle then the mechanical core aerator.

Liquid aeration is the perfect opportunity for those who want to aerate their lawns but think that the entire process is too troublesome. Amongst the main advantages that this device features is that it can easily aerate the entire surface of the lawn, instead of its mechanical counterpart which is only able to cover a smaller part of it. Companies that promote this new technology say that this system is able to maximize the effects of the mechanical aerator, in a much simpler and easier to use product. The most important benefits that the liquid aerator brings to your lawn is that it can easily make the soil softer, while also increasing its ability to absorb water. Furthermore, this system allows the roots to grow even longer and wider, giving them the opportunity to access even more nutrients. Liquid aeration also has the advantage of being much cheaper either to buy or to rent compared to the mechanical one, giving even more lawn owners the opportunity to have a green and healthy lawn. The solution which is used to spray the soil is a mixture featuring substances such as sodium sulfate and other organic materials which are used in their liquid form.

Although it has not been fully tested yet, liquid aeration seems to be a revolutionary product which will take care of your lawn’s needs in the fastest and easiest way possible.

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