Worm Composting – Great Garden Compost

If you are looking for a hobby that is both fun and productive, worm composting is a great option. Worm Composting, or to give it its technical name, vermiculture, is similar to having a fish aquarium in that you are really just going to feed them and check out what they do. The difference is instead of just cleaning the fish waste so the water doesn’t cloud, the worm waste is actual compost that you can use in our garden or potted plants!

If you do anything with gardening you know the value of good compost. Many gardeners have a compost hear or compost turner in their yard. If you live in a climate where it gets cold in the winter then you can only do this a few months of the year. However you can have a worm bin and do worm composting in your basement or garage year round. All you need is a plastic bin, some moist newspaper and some table scrapes that you were going to throw out anyway. Oh and of course some Red Wiggler worms. There are other types of worm breeds that will work but Red Wigglers worm the best for composting.

Just set up your bin with some air holes and the newspaper and then add your table scrapes each day. Then the worms will do their magic making some of the best compost you’ll ever get. After about 90 days of this you can take out the compost and spread it where ever you are planting or gardening. Then just add new newspaper and start all over again. These same worms will keep working for you again and again.

The best part is if the conditions are right (temperature, enough food, big enough big, etc) they will reproduce and double in number ever 90 days as well. So once you’ve purchased you first batch of Red Wigglers then you’ll always have enough to compost all your table scraps. In the summer time you can even add some or all of your yard waste. Good luck and enjoy your new “pet”!

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