Wrought Iron Plant Stands – A Modern Take

Wrought iron plant stands when mentioned often conjure up the image of the old fashioned, classic metal work styles from a bygone era. Truth be told that is still the most common styling that is sold today, however there are contemporary alternatives if you take the time to look. Regardless of the individual styling you choose these wrought iron plant holders have a place in anyone’s garden or patio area – they can even be used effectively indoors. Indoor plant holders are in fact becoming popular again in the modern home, a trick to make an impression.


Why Wrought Iron Plant Stands?

Quite simply they are one of the hardest wearing and so longest lasting materials we can use for outdoor products. Wrought iron is also a well liked style of material for its unique appearance alone. Although we refer to this material as wrought iron it is worth mentioning that technically it is usually mild steel made to look like the old wrought iron – for more clarification see my post on wrought iron patio furniture. This mild steel alloy is actually stronger than the old wrought or worked iron.

Plant stands by their very nature need to be durable, hard wearing and weather resistant. Even in dry climates they will be exposed to repeated watering of the plants and so having a material that will deteriorate in wet conditions is not a good idea. Other materials can also be fit for purpose such as resin, plastic and some types of wooden plant holders.wrought iron plant stands

Contemporary Wrought Iron Plant Stands

If the old classic styles are not to your taste then there are modern designs around. Perhaps you have a contemporary garden or patio area and these old fashioned looking plant stands will look badly out of place. Finding more modern looking wrought iron plant stands is possible. If you choose wisely you can combine wrought iron elements with other types of patio furniture even modern materials such as resin or teak garden furniture. Look out also for some individual pieces that are more like modern art than just a simple plant holder.

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Many of the plant stands available may also be used as indoor plant stands, but be careful not to put an indoor stand outside – it will most likely not last too long.Wrought iron plant stands tricycle

Check out some of the novelty type plant stands in the shape of various items such as a wheel barrow or tricycle – the kids will love them. There is no doubt that adding wrought iron plant stands to a garden is not to everyone’s taste but do not dismiss it until you have a look at some of the modern alternatives – you may just be surprised.

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